Proposal for a new regulation for Ellsin Environmental Ltd. to increase tires for thermal treatment

In response to a proposal to exempt a tire waste facility in Sault Ste Marie from the Environmental Assessment Act, CELA together with the Toronto Environmental Alliance, Health and Environment Justice Support, and Citizens’ Network on Waste Management have urged the MECP to recognize this would be contrary to Ontario’s Tire Regulation, which aims to collect, reuse and recycle 85% of Ontario tires, and that the Ministry must first study the increased health impacts from carbon black – the product produced by facilities that thermally treat tires.

Prepared by:

Fe de Leon, Researcher, and Paralegal, Canadian Environmental LawAssociation
Emily J. Alfred, Waste Campaigner, Toronto Environmental Alliance
Olga Speranskaya, Co-Director, HEJSupport
John Jackson, Citizens’ Network on Waste Management

To download the submission click this link: CELA_TEA_HEJSupport_CNWM response to ERO019-3370_04-MAY-2021