Addressing toxic substances, Circular Framework and Life Cycle Approach for Plastics: Response to Draft Science Assessment of Plastic Pollution

CELA, Citizens' Network on Waste Management, and Health and Environment Justice Support (HEJSupport) argue in favour of designating plastic as toxic, as well as other measures that would strengthen environmental protection and disclosure requirements around plastic production and use.

CELA Submissions to the Ontario Government on Bill 132

Richard Lindgren, CELA Legal Counsel, provides analysis of Bill 132 and its various schedules. Download the document here: 1306-Bill 132 Submission from the Canadian Environmental Law Association

Scoping Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Releases from the Recycling of Paper and Textiles and their Implications for the Great Lakes-St Lawrence River Ecosystem:

Identifying Opportunities to Address Toxicity of Products in a Circular Economy Report-PFAS-Sept-2019

ENGO Comments on Framework for Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment and Batteries

Title: ENGO Comments on Framework for Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment and Batteries Resource Type: Response to Consultation Content: 1246-ENGO comments - Framework for WEEE and Battery regulations # of Pages: 7 Date authored: February 20, 2019 Publication number: 1246…

Waste Reduction Week 2017: An Ontario Perspective

Posted by Richard D. Lindgren, CELA Counsel on October 16, 2017 Since 2001, “Waste Reduction Week” (October 16-20) has been coordinated by non-governmental organizations across Canada to highlight the national need to reduce the volume of waste being generated in communities and sectors throughout the…

Trash Talk: The Provincial Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario

Posted by Richard D. Lindgren, CELA Counsel on February 2, 2017 In 2016, the Ontario Legislature enacted the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act. The overall intent of the Act is to divert more waste materials from disposal, and to ensure that diverted materials…