Public Oversight of the Nuclear Sector

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) annually publishes regulatory oversight reports (ROR) that address issues related to the safety performance of licensees who are authorized to use nuclear substances in Canada. The RORs evaluate licensees’ safety procedures and adherence to regulatory policy. CNSC categorizes licensee sectors and prepares RORs for each. These sectoral categories include: Nuclear Power Plants; Uranium Mines and Mills; Use of Nuclear Substances; Uranium and Nuclear Substance Processing Facilities; and Research Reactors and Particle Accelerator Facilities.

Since 2017, CELA has sought participant funding from the CNSC to retain legal counsel to assist us in bringing our public interest and equity perspective to these consultations.  Within a recent trend to longer licence applications by licensees, the interim updates and reviews provided by these RORs are integral to ensuring compliance and verifying action on previously made CNSC commitments and guidance.

CELA Responses to CNSC Regulatory Oversight Reports