Response to multiple Environmental Assessment Act exemptions and/or revisions

During August of 2020 consultations were posted to the Environmental Registry concerning multiple exemptions and/or revisions to Environmental Assessment Act requirements concerning parks and conservation reserves, land claim settlements, the GTA West Transportation Corridor, additional Ministry of Transportation projects, and Class Environmental Assessments.

Download CELA’s response here:  CELA-Response-multiple-EA-exemptions-and-revisions

These consultations include:

  • Proposed exemption to the Environmental Assessment Act and a new policy under the
    Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act for projects in provincial parks and
    conservation reserves (ERO No: 019-1804)
  • Proposal to exempt projects or activities related to land claim settlements and other
    agreements with Indigenous communities from the Environmental Assessment Act (ERO
    No: 019-1805)
  • Proposed regulation for a streamlined environmental assessment process for the Ministry of
    Transportation’s Greater Toronto Area West Transportation Corridor project (ERO No:
  • Proposal to exempt various Ministry of Transportation projects from the requirements of
    the Environmental Assessment Act (ERO No: 019-1883)
  • Environmental assessment modernization: amendment proposals for Class Environmental
    Assessments (ERO No: 019-1712)

Photo: Linda Pim