Where Science Meets the Law – Webinar

As part of CELA’s work to protect human health and the environment from toxic chemicals through a preventive strategy, CELA has coordinated webinars with community collaborators on Canada’s chemicals management regime and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.  This webinar focuses on the impacts of low dose exposure to toxic chemicals including endocrine disrupting chemicals on vulnerable communities and highlights opportunities to address changes to Canada’s chemical management approach and CEPA.

Scientists will present their research, and how chemical accumulation and effects are the consequences of shortcomings in current chemical assessment and management practices. An overview of potential amendments to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act will be summarized, followed by discussion to advance understanding of the science by legal experts, and of law and regulation by scientists.

Check out CELA webinars highlighting informed substitution of toxic chemicals to stop regrettable substitutes for endocrine disrupting chemicals and a focus on the PFAS as the “forever chemicals”.

Webinar Presenters

Professor Bruce Lanphear, Simon Fraser University. Prof. Lanphear leads national and international investigations of early exposures to environmental toxicants, including lead, pesticides, mercury, alcohol, PCBs and environmental tobacco smoke. Dr. Lanphear will share perspectives on Canada’s response to lead and asbestos. Link to videos: www.littlethingsmatter.ca. (Presentation starts at 4:30 below)

Professor Miriam Diamond, University of Toronto.  Dr. Diamond is a professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, and is cross-appointed to the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, School of the Environment, and the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences. Her research investigates chemical contaminants from sources to sinks, and exposure to humans and ecosystems. Her particular focus is on flame retardants and plasticizers.  Prof. Diamond co-chairs the Chemicals Management Plan Scientific Advisory Committee. (Presentation starts at 14:54 below)

Dr. Atanu Sarkar, Memorial University. Dr. Sarkar is Associate Professor of Community Health and Humanities, working on Environmental and Occupational Health. His research has included associations between environmental contaminants and cancer incidences, as well as the potential contribution of dietary persistent organic pollutants to hypothyroidism in Newfoundland and Labrador. (Presentation starts at 34:30 below)

Dr. Meg Sears, Prevent Cancer Now, and Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Dr. Sears has worked in environmental health and potential contributors to cancer, with a view to primary prevention. With a background in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, her research has included environmental and human health effects of chemicals and of radio frequency radiation, as well as systematic scientific reviews of health interventions. (Presentation starts at 49:38 below)

Joseph Castrilli, CELA Lawyer is the author of the CEPA Annotated Guide and 2018 draft amendments to CEPA.  Background materials for his slides are available here:  Science Meets the Law Webinar – Background Slides (Presentation starts at 1:3:10 below)