Child Health and the Environment - Foundational work at CELA

CELA has undertaken detailed research into children’s environmental health issues for over twenty years. This work has included extensive  secondary research to summarize the scientific evidence about greater risks to children from environmental exposures as well as research and advocacy in many areas of legal and policy analysis.

Our Environmental Standard-Setting and Children’s Health Report involved a detailed review of whether the law adequately protected children. This work led to the creation of the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (CPCHE). CELA has researched, authored, or co-authored many of CPCHE’s publications. This foundational work is gathered here with links provided to many areas of related work. 

Photo credit: Mark Surman

Related Activity


A collaborative initiative, led by the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (CPCHE). RentSafe aims to improve knowledge, capacity, and responsiveness within the health and social services sectors to better address housing-related health risks. View our RentSafe page for  details about CELA’s work on this project and


Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in Canada among non-smokers and a serious and under-appreciated public health issue.

View our Radon page for more information on CELA’s analysis of radon law and policy across Canada and our related advocacy and outreach efforts.  

Image credit: The Lung Association

Healthy Retrofits - The Case for Better Integration of Children's Environmental Health Protection into Energy Efficiency Programs

The Healthy Retrofits project addresses opportunities for improved integration of children’s environmental health issues into energy efficiency retrofit programs.  CELA conducted a baseline assessment and worked with CPCHE to create educational resources. View the report and associated outreach materials here

Early Exposures to Hazardous Chemicals/Pollution and Associations with Chronic Disease: A Scoping Review

This report is a scoping review of evidence for associations between early life environmental exposures and the later development of several of the most common chronic diseases. It was prepared at CELA in collaboration with the Ontario College of Family Physicians and the Environmental Health Institute of Canada. View the report here and associated webinar slide decks.