Making the Links for Over 20 Years

“Making the Links” toolkits are created to pair critically urgent environmental issues with legal mechanisms for change and public advocacy. They highlight issues that impact particular communities and give guidance on how to participate in various environmental decision-making processes. 

CELA first created “Making the Links” resource kits in 2012 as part of the “Environmental Health, Equity, and Law: Making the Links” project. Developed for six communities across Ontario, the resource kits were a compilation of environmental health and legal information relevant to environmental health issues identified as areas of concern in each community.

These were followed in 2021 by a toolkit focused on Northern Ontario developed with and for Indigenous and settler communities and individuals.

These toolkits are intended to be a foundational resource so that both individuals and practitioners can have ready access to solutions for environmental health issues.

This winter, CELA is releasing toolkits for Ontario’s Southeastern and Southwestern regions.