Overcoming the Crises of Climate Change, Covid-19, and Nuclear Challenges on Pacific and First Nations Communities

On the eve of Earth Day 2021, CELA’s Kerrie Blaise and Kacie McLaren of Kebaowek First Nation’s lands management office joined an international panel of speakers to discuss youth climate action, nuclear peace and Indigenous rights. The event was hosted by Reverse the Trend and Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and moderated by  United Nations youth climate advisor, Sophia Kianni . A full recording will be forthcoming.

Climate Justice, Nuclear Peace and Indigenous Rights: The Case Against Small Modular Reactors in Canada

Presented by:
Kacie McLaren, Kebaowek First Nation – Environmental Technician
Kerrie Blaise, Northern Legal Counsel, CELA

The Slide deck for this presentation is available to download here: The Case Against SMRs in Canada_Presentation_April 21_2021

View full presentation here: