Renovate Right – How to make sure a home repair or energy upgrade is child healthy

Brochure produced by the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (CPCHE) based on CELA’s Healthy Retrofits report, a key milestone within a two-year Ontario-focused CPCHE project aimed at raising awareness of the risks to fetal and child health from potential exposures to environmental contaminants during and after energy efficiency retrofits.

Download the brochure in seven languages:

English: CPCHE_HealthyRetrofits_Brochure_Final
French: CPCHE_HealthyRetrofits_Brochure_FR
Punjabi: H-Retrofits-brochure-Punjabi
Tagalog: H-Retrofits-brochure-Tagalog
Chinese: H-Retrofits-brochure-simple-chinese
Spanish: H-Retrofits-brochure-Spa
Arabic:  H-Retrofits-Arabic