Canada’s new Greener Homes Grant Program: A missed opportunity to address preventable radon exposure

Despite many benefits, Canada’s new Greener Homes Grant Program misses a critical opportunity to address the preventable lung cancer risk from the well-established fact that tightening a building envelope during energy retrofits can increase radon indoors. Multiple environment- and health-focused groups have sent an open letter to Natural Resources Minister Seamus O'Regan seeking change.

Intersection of Environmental Law and Poverty Law

CELA Counsel and Executive Director Theresa McClenaghan discusses the environmental health impacts of pollution and poverty in the Great Lakes Region. Download slide deck here: Intersection-Envl-Law-Poverty-Law

Blog: Federal Credibility on Radon Undermined by Sluggish Action on Canada Labour Code

Blog post by Kathleen Cooper and Christina Persad, CELA Senior Researcher and CELA Legal Intern on April 12, 2019 We all know about the latency of carcinogens. Many years – literally decades – can pass between exposure and cancer onset. The science…

Blog: Financial Incentives for Radon Mitigation: Logical Next Steps for a Priority Indoor Air Pollutant

Blog post by Kathleen Cooper and Yvonne Mazurak, CELA Senior Researcher and CELA Legal Intern on March 18, 2019 Among indoor pollutants, radon is a top priority for two key reasons. First, scientific evidence clearly links radon to lung cancer. Second, many Canadians…