Speak Up on How and Where to Grow Ontario’s Greenbelt

Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is seeking feedback on ways to grow the size of the Greenbelt. Through public consultation, open until April 19, the Ministry has asked for early input on two potential study areas, as well as suggestions for other potential areas in which to grow the Greenbelt. This is an important opportunity for communities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region to alert Ontario and local governments about the importance of maintaining, restoring, and improving natural areas, waters, and farmlands.

You know your community best – you know where Greenbelt expansion would best achieve the objectives of the Greenbelt Plan, which include protecting the land base necessary to ensure natural and water systems are able to provide the greenspace, drinking water, and farmlands we’ll need into the future. We encourage you to speak up for what areas in your community need to be protected through Greenbelt expansion in order to ensure prosperous, resilient, complete communities for the future.

CELA may be able to help. Do you need a webinar facilitated in your community with background about the Greenbelt and local context? Do you need other types of materials? Reach out to us by filling out this short form and check our website for updates as we roll out additional materials.