CELA Submissions to the Ontario Government on Bill 132

Richard Lindgren, CELA Legal Counsel, provides analysis of Bill 132 and its various schedules. Download the document here: 1306-Bill 132 Submission from the Canadian Environmental Law Association

Intersection of Environmental Law and Poverty Law

Discussion of the Environmental Health Impacts of Pollution and Poverty in the Great Lakes Region Intersection-Environmental-Law-Poverty-Law

Preliminary Observations – Crown Liability and Proceedings Act, 2019 Schedule 17 of Bill 100, 1st Session, 42nd Legislature

Posted by Sara Desmarais and Rashin Alizadeh, CELA Law Student and Student-at-Law on April 26, 2019 In Ontario, regulatory negligence claims may be brought against the government by aggrieved persons seeking compensation for loss, injury or damages arising from careless conduct by provincial…

Government’s Low Reduction Targets for the Widely Used Antimicrobial Substance Triclosan Continue to Disappoint Environmentalists: Lacks protection for Canadian Lakes, Rivers, and Human Health

FRANCAIS Posted by Fe de Leon (Canadian Environmental Law Association) and Patrick Nadeau (Ottawa Riverkeeper), Researcher and Paralegal and Executive Director on January 21, 2019 Photo Credit: https://canadiangis.com/data.php The federal government’s proposal to set a 30% reduction for the widely used antimicrobial substance triclosan continues to…

Guest Blog: Does the USMCA offer hope for a revitalized Commission for Environmental Cooperation?

Posted by Hugh Benevides, Former CELA Counsel on October 19, 2018 In an earlier blog post, CELA expressed its happiness that the re-negotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), known as the United States-Mexico-Canada-[Trade] Agreement (USMCA), does not include the controversial investor state…