Webinar: Environmental Rights and Participation

Environmental assessment is a crucial “look before you leap” tool, allowing us to study and understand the human, social and environmental impacts of a project before development begins. In this webinar, we invite you to learn about the federal environmental assessment process and how it can be used to advance environmental justice in your community.

Drawing on the upcoming public hearing for a palladium mining project, proposed for Northern Ontario in the Lake Superior watershed, we will review the EA process and how individuals and community groups can participate.

In this workshop we will review:

  • What is an EA? How is this different from an impact assessment under Canada’s current Impact Assessment Act?
  • What is environmental justice, and what does it teach us about participating in environmental decision-making?
  • How can I participate in an EA hearing? What concerns are relevant and what do I say in a written comment?

To download the presentation slides click the following link: Slides_Marathon_EA_Public_Participation


Kerrie Blaise and Krystal-Anne Roussel, Legal Counsel, CELA