Submission Re: Bill 13: Supporting People and Businesses Act, 2021

CELA’s written submissions on Bill 13: Supporting People and Businesses Act, 2021 in relation to Schedule 6 (Crown Forest Sustainability Act, 1994); Schedule 10 (Environmental Assessment Act); Schedule 13 (Mining Act); Schedule 22 (Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006); and Schedule 23 (Public Lands Act).

Blog: Auditor general criticizes Ontario’s environmental record

CELA Counsel Richard Lindgren blogs about Ontario auditor general Bonnie Lysyk's recent annual report on the provincial government’s environmental record in 2019-20.

Blog: Exemption of forestry from the Environmental Assessment Act sets a bad precedent

Ontario has exempted forestry activities from the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act, a move that will negatively impact Ontario’s forests, Indigenous people who depend on the health of those forests to protect their own health, and all the rest of us.