Be Well: Our Water is Worth Protecting

CELA's Theresa McClenaghan will be speaking on this webinar about protecting groundwater in Waterloo Region, a municipality that manages over 120 wells that supply groundwater to homes and businesses across Waterloo Region alongside thousands of private wells that also depend on clean and safe groundwater. Experts and community members will discuss threats to groundwater and the importance of protecting it.

Proposed Implementation of Updates to Ontario’s Water Quantity Management Framework

CELA's response to this consultation posted to the Environmental Registry of Ontario

Blog: A Look Back at CELA’s 50th Anniversary Year

CELA's Executive Director Theresa McClenaghan reflects on CELA's 50th anniversary year, and outlines CELA's priorities for 2021.

Protecting Water in Ontario

Presentation on drivers of law reform to the University of Waterloo Collaborative Water Program

Comments on Draft Environmental Assessment: Proposed Southwestern Landfill

CELA's comments on the draft Environmental Assessment for the proposed Southwestern Landfill submitted on behalf of Oxford People Against the Landfill (OPAL) Alliance