Blog: US Relaxation of Environmental Rules in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic – The Implications for Canada and Mexico

Blog post by Joseph Castrilli, CELA Counsel In a move that has implications for international arrangements with Canada regarding protection of the North American environment, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, citing the coronavirus pandemic as its justification,…

Media Release: CELA Welcomes New Canadian IJC Commissioners

Media Release Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) welcomes Chair of the Canadian Section, Pierre Béland and Canadian Commissioners, Merrell-Ann Phare and Henry Lickers to the International Joint Commission (IJC). The three Commissioners were appointed for four years at an IJC meeting…

Overview of Federal Water Law

Title: Overview of Federal Water Law Resource Type: Presentation Content: 1060-Powerpoint presentation for Commons Institute, Overview of Federal Water Law # of Pages: 17 Date authored: February 23, 2016 Publication number: 1060 Author/s: Jacqueline Wilson Author Organization: CELA

Governance, Sub-national Players in an International Context

Title: Governance Sub-national Players in an International Context Resource Type: Presentation Content: GovernanceMay2010 # of Pages: 8 Date authored: May 1, 2010 Author/s: Theresa McClenaghan Author Organization: CELA