Blog: A Look Back at CELA’s 50th Anniversary Year

CELA's Executive Director Theresa McClenaghan reflects on CELA's 50th anniversary year, and outlines CELA's priorities for 2021.

Hydrogen Strategy for Canada should focus on renewable hydrogen

This letter, jointly signed by 28 civil society organizations, urges the federal government to focus its hydrogen strategy on renewable hydrogen, instead of fossil fuel or nuclear-derived hydrogen. We urge the Minister of Natural Resources to focus instead on building a hydrogen strategy that is truly sustainable and builds on Canada’s renewable energy advantages.

Blog: Renewables – Not Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – Are the Solution to Climate Change

Blog post by Theresa McClenaghan, Kerrie Blaise (CELA) and Guest Author Chris Rouse (New Clear Free Solutions) The idea of Small Modular Reactors (“SMRs”) was in the news this week with the federal government being urged to provide even more…

Consultation on Increasing Renewable Content in Fuels 

Title: Consultation on Increasing Renewable Content in Fuels  Environmental Registry of Ontario No. 013-4598 Resource Type: Response to Consultation Content: 1258-IncreasingRenewableContentsInFuels # of Pages: 5 Date authored: March 28, 2019 Publication number: 1258 Author/s: Kerrie Blaise and Jessica Karban Author…