Response to multiple Environmental Assessment Act exemptions and/or revisions

CELA's response to consultations regarding multiple exemptions and/or revisions to Environmental Assessment Act requirements concerning parks and conservation reserves, land claim settlements, the GTA West Transportation Corridor, additional Ministry of Transportation projects, and Class Environmental Assessments.

Letter on Legal Exemptions in Building Transit Faster Act and Environmental Assessment Regulations

Richard Lindgren writes that the Bill unnecessarily removes important accountability and legal process rights to facilitate transit projects in the GTA. Proposed changes to environmental assessment regulations also weaken public accountability.

Provincial Policy Statement Review

CELA responded to the Provincial Policy Statement Review. Consultation posted here: ERO #019-0279 Download CELA's response here: PPS-Review019-0279-Response-from-CELA CELA also collaborated on a response from seventeen National, Provincial, and Regional organizations and sixty-three Local organizations Download group response here: PPS-Review019-0279-Response-over-80-groups

Regulatory Oversight Report on the Use of Nuclear Substances in Canada: 2016

Title: Regulatory Oversight Report on the Use of Nuclear Substances in Canada: 2016 CELA Presentation Resource Type: Presentation Content: 1142-UseOfNuclearSubstancesPresentation # of Pages: 17 Date authored: October 12, 2017 Publication number: 1142 Author/s: Morten Siersbaek & Kerrie Blaise Author Organization:…