Preliminary Analysis of Proposed Amendments to the Planning Act and City of Toronto Act Changes (Sch. 9 and 1, Bill 23)

CELA has prepared a preliminary analysis of the proposed amendments to the Planning Act and the City of Toronto Act in Schedules 9 and 1 of Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act as reflected on ERO Number 019-6163.

Petition Calling for Examination of Federal Asbestos Regulation and Asbestos Cement Pipes

CELA and Prevent Cancer Now submitted a petition to the Federal Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development to seek a response from Environment and Climate Change Canada, Health Canada, and other federal departments that address asbestos waste. The purpose of this petition is to examine whether harm to Canadian health is effectively prevented under the current regulation of asbestos and cement pipes containing asbestos.

The Canada Green Buildings Strategy

The Federal Government released The Canada Green Buildings Strategy discussion paper, July 2022 and provided an opportunity for public feedback. The ultimate goal of the Green Buildings Strategy is to create a net-zero emissions and climate-resilient buildings sector by 2050,…