Lack of Progress on Chemicals of Mutual Concern of the GLWQA

John Jackson, Co-chair of the Toxics Free Great Lakes Binational Network, urges the Committee to address the issues that have lead to delays in implementing Annex 3 of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, which deals with Chemicals of Mutual Concern.

EA is Not Red Tape: The Case against Ontario Bill 197

Posted by Richard Lindgren The Ontario government has continued its relentless attack on the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA) by recently introducing Bill 197 (COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act, 2020). Schedule 6 of Bill 197 proposes almost 80 pages of amendments to…

Bill 197 – Additional background on changes proposed to specific laws

Background to July 13, 2020 Media Release. Omnibus bill 197 proposes numerous changes to multiple Ontario laws often weakening environmental protection and removing public participation rights.

Ontario’s post-COVID economic recovery bill: a big miss for a green and just recovery

Toronto – In an enormous piece of legislation, tabled this week as Bill 197, the Ontario government proposes changes to over eleven laws, many of them directly affecting the health of our communities and environment.