Advancing Environmental Law

Action on Environmental Justice – Improving Environmental Laws

Alongside legal representation, CELA aims to stay out of the courtroom by seeking change in policies and practices to make it unnecessary for citizens or communities to have to retain a lawyer to seek environmental justice. In fact, our policy work in shaping progressive environmental laws and regulations often arises from issues brought to us by public inquiries to our office. When we hear of many people affected by the same issue, systemic change is often the most effective and efficient solution.

Our law reform programs address multiple pollution sources, including greenhouse gases, and across all of this work our primary focus is on addressing public health and impacts on vulnerable communities.

CELA’s programs address the following areas (web-content will continue to be organized into each area in the coming months):

Access to Environmental Justice

Pollution and Health

Water Sustainability

Energy Policy

Environmental assessment and land use planning

Acting Globally

  • Aligning international law with domestic environmental law
  • Environmental implications of international trade agreements