Blog: Ontario Fast-Tracks Changes to Environmental Laws

The Ontario government has recently introduced omnibus legislation that proposes to amend over a dozen laws that currently protect the environment, safeguard public health, manage wildlife and public lands, and regulate resource extraction throughout the province.

Blog: Digging Holes in Ontario – Overview of Proposed Aggregate Reforms

This folksy self-help advice is usually directed to people whose own missteps have resulted in unfortunate predicaments or preventable problems. However, this advice should also be considered by elected officials whose short-term decisions may cause unintended – and often undesirable – consequences in the long-term.

Blog: Back to the Future – Ontario’s Misguided Land Use Reforms

Blog post  by Richard D. Lindgren, CELA Counsel For almost 50 years, CELA has represented clients in the courts and before administrative tribunals in relation to proposed land uses or developments that pose unacceptable risks to the environment and public…

Ontario’s Water Policy: How is fresh water protected? 

Title: Ontario's Water Policy: How is fresh water protected?  Presentation to WaterScape: Community Discussions on Protecting Water for Future Generations Resource Type: Presentation Content: 1168-CELA-Water-Policy-Context-Feb2018 # of Pages: 22 Date authored: February 6, 2018 Publication number: 1168 Author/s: Anastasia Lintner…

Appeal to the Minister in the Matter of Concerned Citizens of Brant

Title: Appeal to the Minister in the Matter of Concerned Citizens of Brant Resource Type: Legal Submissions Content: 1115-Appeal to Minister # of Pages: 110 Date authored: May 9, 2017 Publication number: 1115 Author/s: Ramani Nadarajah and Joseph Castrilli Author…